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    What does a muffler do?  | Release time:2022年04月07日

    You can find your muffler at the back of the car, close to the tires. It’s identifiable by the exhaust pipe. It’s part of the exhaust system connected to the engine. The muffler has three main roles:

    • First, it helps to cut down on the amount of noise the engine makes. The muffler “muffles” engine noise through a complex system of metal and tubes that allows engine sound waves to deflect throughout the part.
    • Second, the muffler relates to the engine’s backpressure. Your car engine’s valves move rapidly in many directions, which makes them release something called backpressure. For your car to function well, this backpressure needs to be controlled and minimized, and this is where the car’s muffler comes in.
    • Finally, the muffler acts as a final filter standing between your engine and the fresh air. When your car engine works, it creates lots of fumes and other substances that are then moved through the rest of the exhaust system. Your muffler helps to keep some of these fumes from entering the air, which is always a good thing in our polluted environment.

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